Strategic Creative Results.

We stand for brands that stand for something bigger.  We champion the creators that want to make a positive impact in the world! The craftspeople that are committed to quality and live and lead with integrity.

The Way We Work

If you’ve been in business for some time, you have likely engaged a range of consultants.
A Business Coach or Consultant to help you make big decisions? Possibly a Brand Strategist to help you develop your brand? A Graphic Designer to help you create some content? Or a Marketing Consultant to help you drive sales? A Web Developer to build your website?

If you’ve been left feeling disappointed or completely wasted your money and your time! Here’s why …Each of those consultants is often excellent in their own field, but without a holistic approach or high level plan, they will often focus on their own field and neglect to address the other elements that are critical to the success of your brand.

At Elephant Creative Design, a Brisbane Branding Agency we focus on these three key elements Strategy Creative and Marketing to ensure that no money is wasted on projects that are not fruitful or time chasing clients that are not rewarding.



This critical, but often overlooked phase allows time to step back and gain fresh clarity on the overarching direction for the business. You may be looking after clients or chasing business that is unaligned with where you want to go. Spend valuable time to assess what you’re good at and who you want to work with. Get clear on exactly what you do for whom.

With a clear understanding of your vision, mission, values, goals, and direction, the strategy easily drives the creative.



Our designs are focused on solid strategy and therefore, always hit the mark. Our creative consultants are driven to produce the best, we deliver superior quality design, and every detail is addressed so we can guarantee you a result that accurately reflects you and helps you portray your real brand story and better connects with your desired audience.

With quality creative that aligns with you and your key messages, you can more easily and effectively create marketing that works.



Marketing is not everyone’s favourite activity. Often it’s palmed off to others in the hope that they will miraculously make it happen, but mostly it falls flat without a clear plan and measurable goals.

At this point, we have a clear strategy and solid creative in place, so that the marketing makes sense and is a more enjoyable, planned process that is measurable and brings you the results you’re looking for – ultimately driving business growth towards your bigger goals.



The Elephant Expertise

  We’re a Brisbane creative agency , with a network of global consultants. As creative individuals, we all share the same values of exploration and adventure – which means you could find us anywhere at any time! We are based in Australia and sometimes found in the UK, or somewhere in between, we collaborate with an extended group of highly talented creative professionals to offer talent, experience and most of all, fresh thinking. Together, we provide a rich pool of resources to bring your brand to life.

Meet Our Team

Sandy Archer


With more than three decades owning her creative businesses, Sandy delivers passion and commitment to each project. Sandy has built and designed brands for clients across a wide variety of industries, for businesses large and small, and works closely with her clients to uncover the truth and essence of the brand before crafting and directing the creative outcome that accurately reflects the people and the product. She steers her team of creative consultants to ensure every job is delivered to the highest creative standards. 

John Archer


John has gained valuable experience across a wide range of industries, including property development, retail, real estate, construction, events, tourism, entertainment, hospitality, branding and marketing, with the added value of working on both sides of the fence. John’s expertise lies in quickly understanding any business and their products or services translating challenges into sales opportunities, identifying the best way to promote the product or service and creating strategies to achieve premium pricing and deliver optimum value. 

A Creative Collaboration


One More Thing – Why Elephant?

An elephant symbolises great traits which we believe are intrinsic to who we are and what we value.

• Determination and loyalty – as a reliable and steadfast partner, we will see you through the changes that branding can bring to a company and the people in it.
• Protection and strength – keeping you confident & calm during those rocky roads on your path.
• Confident and Calm – in times of change, a committed partner to reassure you on your next steps.

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