In my role as a brand consultant and creator, I take particular care and pride in developing authentic brands that are authentic and real. We go to great depths to get to know our clients, their work and offering so we can create a brand that truly aligns with them and ensure brand authenticity.I love to see a client connecting with their new brand and enjoying the success that comes with authentic branding of a business. They feel proud to share it. They enjoy getting it out there and even sales and marketing become more enjoyable – who would have thought!!!

Why is Brand Authenticity Important?

If your brand is not telling the story of who you are and what you do, you’re losing an opportunity for attracting and retaining more of the right type of clients and customers to your business so you’re probably not enjoying the process of trying to get people to understand who you are and what you do. It’s a frustrating feeling when you know your products or services are so much better than your brand portrays.

How an Authentic Brand Works

Authentic branding delivers a true reflection of who you are and what you do which means what your customer’s experience is true, consistent and real.

Authentic Branding Will…………….

… Reflect your true value and attract the right type of people – those that will happily pay what its worth. Whether you’re selling products worth $5 or $50,000, having a brand that reflects their true value is paramount.

… speak in your voice, deliver your real personality and begin a conversation with the people that need you.

… give your customers immediate clarity on what the brand stands for, what the product or service is and whether it’s for them.

… make a stronger connection with your clients by delivering a bigger vision, your values, your story.

… build stronger trust by delivering what you say you will. When you get what you expect, you’re more likely to buy again.

… make your job of marketing and sales easier and more enjoyable. At the heart of any good marketing is authenticity in a business brand!

… help you feel more confident in what and how you’re selling your products or service because it feels right and true and accurate.

… enable you to be yourself every day and do what comes naturally to you – authentic marketing doesn’t involve pretending to be something you’re not.

… help you focus on what you’re good at in your business and allow the brand to speak for itself.

… remove that embarrassing feeling you might get when you have to share a website that just doesn’t look or feel right.

Building Authenticity in a Business Brand Requires………

Building authentic brands requires honesty and clarity – and like any good brand – time. To achieve brand authenticity, you can start by asking your trusted colleagues what words come to mind when they look at your brand – and see if they align with the kind of words you’d be proud of.

If you would like more information or assistance with your Brand we are here to help you with this, email me at  [email protected]

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