Brand Clarity for growth businesses is a 4-step solution to gaining complete clarity for your business and your brand.

Are you an independent business owner that’s

  • Interested in building a purposeful brand and not just running a business?
  • would like to have impact with your knowledge and expertise?
  • Getting clarity on where to focus your time and effort in your business?
  • Created something amazing and want to know how to ‘get it out there’
  • Avoiding marketing because you’re not sure what to do next?
  • Giving more time to your clients but no time building your brand?
  • Got a website that doesn’t reflect your business?
  • Struggling to find the right clients?
  • Ready to grow or expand?

    Your Brand Clarity Platform…

    will guide your decisions and give you peace of mind that you’re focusing on doing what matters most for your business.

    What is Brand Clarity and why is it important?

    Brand Clarity … Is that elusive feeling when you’re aligned and confident your actions are taking you where you want to go. You know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for. You’re feeling calm and making headway towards clear goals and your team is behind you productively adding value. Your brand is on track. It feels right. Your website is working, your visuals are clear, and you’re communicating well with your audiences. You can confidently deliver your USP’s, differences and brand purpose and connect with your customers. You’re taking strong and decisive action – and it feels good!

    Simple right?

    Realistically, if you’re like most small business owners I meet, you’re probably very busy, wearing multiple hats and juggling many tasks. Managing a team, running a business, delivering your services to your clients, and squeezing in your marketing or maybe not even finding time for it. Or perhaps feeling stalled because you’re not quite sure what steps to take next – and who to help you do that!

    And I’m also guessing that you’d much rather be doing what you’re good at, creating and delivering your products or services than marketing or branding. Whether you’re creating, designing, building or servicing – your clients are your priority – as they should be!

    But there’s also a niggling voice that’s saying
    “I wonder if I should be doing more social media” or
    “I need to update my website”
    followed by another voice that says –
    “that will have to wait.”

    The thing is, another little voice is also ever so quietly thinking…
    “Am I focusing on the right areas of my business?”
    “Am I making headway? “
    “Am I missing something?”
    “Where do I start?”

    Jumping in headfirst is not always the right place to start. Unless you’re super clear on a few key elements.

    Do you have the clarity required to make the best decisions for you & your business?

    Craig Percival from Woollam, talks about how the Brand Clarity process turned their company around.

    Building a business and a brand takes time, constant focus and energy. But if you’re so busy delivering to your customers and clients and running a business – you’re probably not consciously building your brand, which means you’re letting your business run you!

    And if you’re not clear on the high level aspect of your business that guide the best decisions, you could find yourself running down dead ends, wasting time and money with consultants or programs that promise outcomes, without potentially looking at the bigger picture of where you want to go. Whichever way you look, you will need to ‘feed the machine’ with your direction and content. And without spending time getting really clear, you will struggle at some point.

    Brand Clarity is the foundation of an effective Brand Strategy, which is at the heart of a strong and successful brand.

    A strong brand will be there to support you as you grow and it will grow with you. A strong brand takes some of the workload off by:

    • Building customer loyalty
    • Attracting the right people to your business
    • Connecting with the right customers
    • Making you desirable and more valuable
    • Helping your business grow in your chosen direction

    The first step in building a strong brand? Brand Clarity.

    The good news is with some focused attention and a proven formula, you can get that elusive clarity to set you up for success. In a matter of weeks, you can go from chaos to clarity in your mind and business. Here’s how it works:

    I’ll take you through the 4 stages that will enable you to get the Brand Clarity you need.

    1. What are your Business & Brand Attributes

    What are you delivering: Your Products & Services
    Why do you do what you do? Vision, Mission, Values.
    How you are doing it differently?: USPs/Differences/Processes
    How you can prove it? Facts/Proof Points/Promises

    2. What are the Key Consumer Insights?

    Who are you servicing/selling to? Target Audience Segments
    How well do you know them?
    What do they want/need? Consumer Insights
    Who are your wider brand audiences? Brand Audience Segments
    What is a shared insight that you can reliably deliver on?

    3. What is your Brand Positioning & Promise?

    Where do you sit in the marketplace?
    Who else does what you do?
    What makes you different?
    What can you promise to your audiences that they can’t?
    What can you be known for that you can reliably promise?

    We’ve helped lots of amazing people achieve Brand Clarity!

    This building company attributed a lot of their success to the Brand Building they did with us.

    “In an industry where we rely heavily on consultants, the process, and I guess using you as a consultant, has probably been one of the biggest impacts that we’ve had on our business. I probably didn’t realize at the time just what a big impact that would have on us but certainly it’s some of the best money we’ve ever spent. Both George and I talk about it quite regularly about where the business is today and where we’ve come from and certainly a lot of it was through that re branding process.”

    Craig Percival. Managing Director, Woollam

    These architects changed their name after going through the Brand Clarity process

    “We knew we were doing the right thing but our clients didn’t know. We wanted to build brand awareness to let everyone know we are here – we’ve been modest in our presence and having these tools and new skills for marketing is going to go a long way in getting our name out there. When we first started, we had no preconceived idea that we would actually do a name change – it just evolved into ‘Enrich Architecture’ and now it’s pretty exciting to see where we’re going to go.”

    Tarah Jameson. Director, Enrich Architecture

    Jacqui Perkins delivers her bold style unapologetically and successfully!

    “I was quite nervous at first to commit to the process of branding and marketing my business for a number of reasons. Having a strong brand and a strong identity has really increased my confidence when pitching to clients. Clients and people in my social and professional network have observed that the branding is powerful and represents me perfectly in offering a fun, energetic and professional service. how well my brand tells my story and captures my offering and my value proposition. Without having that Brand Clarity we could never have developed the strong and iconic creative that I love so much”

    Jacqui Perkins – Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

    This Occupational Therapist enjoyed a brand refresh as a result of the Brand Clarity exercise we did

    “You’ve nailed it!

    There’s not a single element I disagree with. It all fits.

    I’m loving it. I feel confident in the direction our brand is taking and proud of who we are and what we’ve achieved.”

    Julia Bunn, General Manager and Founder, Easec Occupational Health

    This Designer Homes company has renewed confidence to implement precise changes

    “Elephant Creative has helped set the stage for our company to grow and transform into a more strategic brand; Working through the Brand Clarity phase has proven enlightening and invaluable for our company; the meticulous process they guided us through, distilling our identity and purpose into a coherent brand strategy, culminating in a clear vision and mission, has provided us with the clarity and confidence needed to propel our team forward. We are now more aligned, allowing us to implement precise changes that have strengthened our brand.

    John and Sandy have an innate ability to understand their clients’ vision and transform it into a well-defined, comprehensive Brand Strategy. They really took the time to delve deep into our brand, industry, and target audience, ensuring that every aspect of the Strategy was aligned with our goals and values. They conducted extensive market research, analyzed industry trends, and identified many opportunities for our brand to thrive. This strategic insight formed the backbone of our work together, providing us with a clear roadmap for success.”

    Jade Soucy-Humphreys. Sales & Strategic Business Development Manager, Immackulate Designer Homes

    Take the time now to get the clarity you need to save the time you’re spending in areas that don’t count.

    Streamline your ongoing brand management

    Simplify your marketing activities

    Align your team

    Enjoy renewed motivation that comes from making key decisions


    With these Strategic Brand Assets you’ll be calmer, clearer and more productive in your business – and have a solid platform from which to build your brand and your business.

    1. Your Business & Brand Attributes

    Products and Services
    A concise overview outlining your product or service suite.

    Vision, Mission & Values
    Develop these essential elements of your brand’s ‘reason for being’.

    USP’s (Unique Selling Points)
    What you do differently that can be used to promote your brand.

    Brand Attributes Matrix
    The personality traits that are unique to your business

    Mood Boards
    Words and images that emotively connect and help steer the visual direction of your brand.

    Brand Promise
    What you can reliably deliver that you can build a brand promise around.

    2. Key Consumer Insights

    Consumer Insights
    We’ll uncover who your ideal customers are and what they really want from you.

    Competitor/Industry Insights
    Understand the marketplace in which you operate and find a unique gap you can ‘own’.

    Target Audience
    We’ll identify your core target audiences

    Customer Personas
    A description of someone who represents the segments of your target audience.

    Brand Audience Segments
    Your wider brand audience is segmented to define their differing needs.

    Brand Position
    How do you want to be perceived by your audiences? How will you differentiate yourself from others?

    3. Brand Positioning & Promise

    Brand Architecture
    Ensure your brand will grow allowing for any extensions

    Value Proposition
    A simple statement that summarises why a customer would choose you. A differentiation, that establishes a distinct and desirable space for your brand in the minds of your target audience relevant to your competitors.

    Unique Brand Essence
    The essence that makes you ‘YOU’ The big idea that sets you apart. – The heart and soul of your brand.

    Brand Clarity Platform
    It culminates in a one page snapshot and accompanying document that collates your key brand elements. It becomes your platform for brand and business growth. Your foundations for success.

    The Brand Clarity For Growth Businesses, is the first and most critical step of the Brand Plan: An intuitive, holistic approach covering all aspects of creating and delivering a long-lasting brand with substance and style. Get this right, and the rest falls into place.

    Interested in finding out more about the Brand Clarity for Growth Businesses? Please fill in your details below and we will organise your Brand Clarity Call to explore how it can work for you.

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