Why a strong and clear brand will help you market your business with more confidence.

In meetings where we are discussing marketing, I often find that even though a business owner may be highly accomplished at what they do, and truly capable of delivering outstanding results, one of their core desires is to be better at marketing or more confident in delivering the key selling points of their business. They might be great at what they do, but they’re not so great at telling people what they do!

A strong and clear brand will reflect your confidence and help you deliver your message more confidently.

Marketing is not something that comes naturally to many, but it is something that we all need to get comfortable with. We all need to increase our levels of confidence in our marketing … Here’s why:

Your customers need to believe in you and your brand.

These days, more than ever, people need to believe in you and your business. If you don’t come across with 100% authenticity and conviction, your audience will feel your doubt and look elsewhere. It’s fair to say that we’d probably buy from a person who is confident about what they are selling, over one who is not, even if it is of better quality. 

If you’re not confident, there are plenty of competitors who are!

The worst part about this is that there are PLENTY of other business owners who ARE confident at marketing with only a fraction of your substance, quality and integrity. They’re winning the clients who should be choosing you.

It’s easy to get a brand looking good online, even if they’re not. 

A website can be polished and launched in a week, yet the substance and integrity behind the brand is often not there. It’s not uncommon for a business that is highly successful, highly ethical and very good at what they do, to be settling for an online presence that does not capture their skills, strength or story whilst businesses with a fraction of the quality are taking the limelight!

Develop a brand you can deliver with confidence.

If you’ve got doubts about any part of your visual image, your website, your presentations, your logo or your messaging – you’re going to be constantly second guessing your actions and decisions. And so is your audience.

In our brand-building process, we always take the time to uncover the substance and strengths behind the brand, which means we can develop and design a brand to deliver their full story.

One of the most rewarding aspects working with clients redeveloping their brand  is the turnaround in their ability and confidence to get their message out there, to be more confident in who they are and what they offer. With a brand that clearly identifies with their specific strengths, they also embrace a new found self confidence which gives them the ability to take their business to the next level. 

The confidence comes from not only the outcome of a professional, clear and compelling set off designs and brand assets; it comes from embracing the process too. 

  • Hearing honest feedback from their customers and clients in the customer research we do. 
  • Getting complete clarity into their direction, visions and goals
  • Exploring more deeply what they’re good at and what they want to focus on

This brings a new sense of knowing that only comes from clarity – when you dive deeper into the process.

A lack of confidence comes from a lack of clarity.

  • Clarity around the value that your product or service has for your target audience. 
  • Clarity around where your product or service sits in the marketplace, who your competitors are and where your point of difference is. 
  • Clarity around what you stand for and what to say no to.

With clarity comes a sense of knowing …

  • clearly who you are at what you offer
  • where you’re heading and why
  • clearly who values what you offer
  • what makes you ‘YOU’ and aligns with what your audience needs and wants

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