“The practice has been operating since 1936, and we decided it was time to rebrand and put our own unique stamp on the practice.”
Tarah Jameson, Director Enrich Architecture.


“When we first started, we had no preconceived idea that we would actually do a name change – it just evolved into ‘Enrich Architecture’ and now it’s pretty exciting to see where we’re going to go.”

Todd Young, Director Enrich Architecture 

When we first met the team…

We first met Tarah, Todd and Fred when they were known as Hargraves Briggs, Jacuzzi. This is what they said…

“We knew we were doing the right thing but our clients didn’t know, and we didn’t really know how important the work was that we were doing was until we started the rebranding process. We want our clients to see what we can do so we can keep doing what we do.”

Research + Name Change

Our process began with an in-depth research phase – including interviews with customers, team and directors. At the end of this process, it became apparent that a name change was required. The name selected highlighted their brand essence that is embedded in the way they approach their designs – putting ‘wellbeing’ for the end-users as a central focus to everything they do.

We take a four pillared approach to our projects.These four key elements provide an outcome designed for optimum wellbeing for our end-users.”

What Enrich Wanted

A highly adaptable graphic identity was developed that allowed us to deliver the four pillars of wellbeing throughout their messaging.

A new digital presence …

The new website is a detailed and accurate representation of Enrich Architecture’s high standards and attention to detail. A clean, stylish design allows the projects to speak for themselves and a user flow delivers the complete story of who they are and what they stand for.

Social Media Presence …

To re-launch the brand on social media platforms we focused on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

“We wanted to build brand awareness to let everyone know we are here – we’ve been too modest in our presence in the industry and having these tools and new skills for marketing is going to go a long way in getting our name out there”
Tarah Jameson, Director Enrich Architecture.

Scope of Work:
Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Brand Identity Design
Web Design
Photo Direction
Digital Marketing

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