Jacqui Perkins is a coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. Elephant Creative Design helped re-design and re-launch her brand in 2018 to become known for delivering Actionable Results and Courageous Leadership.

What Jacqui Wanted

As a tireless worker, passionately delivering for her clients, Jacqui totally deserved to be seen and heard, but her brand was letting her down. Sure, she was getting work, but she was tired, and so was her brand. It lacked the vibrant personality that was her trademark. It did not portray the unapologetic approach that was core to her success. And she did not have the comprehensive suite of tools she has now to deliver her training workshops and coaching groups.

What we did

Jacqui was clearly delivering great training, with dynamic energy and proven results – but her brand was just not reflecting her true quality.

As part of the research phase, we identified Jacqui’s Brand Values and Brand Personality. This was transformed into visuals that brought her strong and dynamic presence alive and allowed her to connect to her audience with powerful communication that reflected her true essence.

We also identified Jacqui’s unique ‘Learning Journey,’ which became her ‘Proprietary Process’ that was central to her Program Offerings.

Jacqui’s Brand now …

Now Jacqui can proudly deliver her true self via her brand, with a comprehensive suite of tools that paint a clear picture that is worthy of the results she achieves for her clients.

Scope of Work

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Publication Design
Web Design
Video and Photo Direction
Digital Marketing

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