Strata Compliance Solutions recognise that compliance is much more than just meeting bodies corporate’s legislative requirements, so they needed a brand that delivered more personality and individuality.

What They Wanted

To develop and design a new brand to branch out from an existing company. To design a strong and unique identity that gave them personality and confidence.

What we did

With a simple yet strategic brand development process, we identified some key selling points we wanted to reflect in the design.

1. We wanted to develop a personal identity that customer could relate to, that would depict the personal and human nature of the business. This would portray a more friendly and inviting company for those that see this industry as a slightly daunting or uninviting task.

2. The process can be seen as simply box ticking, with a more detailed brand we wanted to encourage customers to address the details more thoroughly.

3. The user-friendly graphics are designed to deliver education in a friendly and appealing way.

Brand Attributes

We identified their Brand Attrobutes which directed the brand design.

Trustworthy People/Solid Company/Customised Approach/Insightful Specialists

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In these challenging times, we need to rethink the way we do business.


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