Our Brand-Building Pathway is ideally suited to owners of an established business that are ready to rebrand, or know that their brand is not as good as the service they provide.

You’re delivering the best, working hard – but competing against people who are delivering sub-standard work who are winning the clients. That’s not fair. It’s a busy world out there and there are businesses with far less quality achieving better results.

However for small businesses, doing regular brand-building activities consistently and effectively can be a challenge that is time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s why knowing where to start, or what’s missing in your activity plan is important, so you can spend time where it’s needed most.

To overcome this, we created this Big Picture Brand Plan – based on three decades of brand strategy, and design experience. We have combined our gift for ‘High Level Thinking’ with our ‘love of design’ and ability to ‘Bring things together’ to develop a unique ‘Big Picture Approach’ to building a brand.

It encompasses the three essential levels of building a strong and unique brand. Development, Design and Delivery. You can’t have one without the other – and that’s where people struggle.


Brand Strategy



Brand Creative



Brand Marketing


The Essentials of Brand Plan

No matter what stage you are at, we can work through the plan with you. First we identify any elements where you might be stuck and develop a custom program to suit. Split into bite size chunks that work with your budget, business and lifestyle, or packaged up into a managed personalised program that fits into your timeline

If you’re running a business, chances are you might have experienced some challenges with one of the following:

Design. Going straight to design means the result is missing the mark because you’ve not defined your values and you end up with a bland brand without personality that doesn’t reflect your true attributes.

Website. Sometimes building a website is more frustrating than it needs to be if you’re not clear on what you’re trying to say and to whom? no matter how many times you ‘rebuild’ your website, you’ll feel like it’s just ‘not quite right’.

Content Creation. You’re putting out a plethora of content and still getting lost in the crowds because you’ve not defined your brand essence.

Marketing. Often, the marketing delivery is harder than it needs to be because time has not been spent in developing a clear position in the market, or you’ve misunderstood your audience.

That’s why we start with ‘Clarity’

Whether you’re lucky enough to be ready to dive in and go through the process step by step, or whether you’re needing to focus on one specific project like building a website, there are a few basic elements from stage 1 that you need to address to ensure you set the right foundations.

Ask yourself these 4 key questions:

  • WHY am I doing this? 
  • WHAT am I selling?
  • WHO is my audience –
    will they connect with my WHY and WHAT?
  • WHERE is my WHO?

There are four key questions to get to Brand Clarity

1. WHY

The why is all about finding your purpose. Living your passion. Ensuring you have the drive and motivation to do the work. Having a strong WHY will keep you going when the going gets tough. It will give you a strong brand story from where to connect with your WHO.

Without a why?

If you’re lacking VISION, MISSION or VALUES, decisions will be harder to make, your team will be less aligned and you’ll be sailing your ship without a clear map to an unkown destination.


Your WHAT might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses do not have a clear service offering or defined services ‘products’. It might be time to cull some outdated offerings or create some new ones.

Without a what?

Doing work that comes along just to keep clients happy. Offering a confusing series of services poorly communicated and cumbersome to deliver.

3. WHO

Your WHO is your ideal target audience. The ones who are looking for your services, value what you do. If you’re clear about your WHY and WHAT, they connect with your WHY and recognise that they need, want or desire your WHAT. 

Without a who?

Well you can’t really have a business without a WHO. If you haven’t taken the time to define them, you’ll likely not connect with them and they will seek out services elsewhere.


Your where is all about finding your WHO. Where can you connect with them. And how can you position your brand in their mind so you stand out as being their best solution.

Without a where?

You’ll be practicing scattergun marketing hoping for the best, not really producing content that will connect with your WHO. And you’ll struggle to stand out amongst your competitors.

The outcome? These brand elements provide a solid platform to make the key decisions for you business with confidence.


Road map for the future


How you will get there


Your guiding light


Defined Service Solution


Unique Brand Attributes


Ideal Customer Persona


Connect with your client


Your unique difference


What you reliably deliver


Blueprint for the future

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