Our Brand-Building Pathway is ideally suited to owners of an established business that are ready to rebrand, or know that their brand is not as good as the service they provide.


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The Essentials of Brand Plan

The passionate professionals and gifted business owners we worked with, were struggling to get traction. They were missing critical steps in their marketing but couldn’t see where. So we created a guide that covers every step.

Start building your brand – follow the Brand Plan here

A Brand Plan will guide your activities

Our clients typically start with one of the four requirements:

“I need to design or redesign our logo and a visual identity”

Often a logo was created at the outset of a business and the standard is not accurately reflecting the current status of the business. It’s grown, it’s changed and it needs updating. It’s not doing you justice, in fact it’s probably letting you down big time!

“I need a website that works and one that I’m proud of sharing”

Most websites are built over time and many are built by mates. Good mates I’m sure, but not always good for the business. A website needs attention and a growth plan to succeed and often it’s kinda grown organically and a little out of control!

“I need to do more marketing, and get on social media more”

More, more, more. Not always going to work when it comes to marketing. Targeted approach is what is needed, but often a scatter gun approach is all that people can do. And yes it’s confusing and often stressful for many.

“I want more clients, to increase my sales or up my prices”

Bottom line? Well that’s what you’re interested in right? Your bottom line. That means more sales, higher prices, more effeciency, more productivity – it’s always a clearly defined outcome that drives any marketing activities.

A Brand Plan gives you Brand Clarity, then the rest falls into place.

Having a strong brand and a strong identity – has really increased my confidence – when pitching to clients

Jacqui Perkins

Coach, Trainer

We are now more aligned, allowing us to implement precise changes that have strengthened our brand

Jade Soucy-Humphreys

Immackulate Designer Homes

“Our strong new brand and key messages reinforce our focus, and have helped to gain more market presence in our industry”

Kerry Brock

Institute for Learning & Performance

“We have experienced significant business growth over the last few years; having a brand that grows with us has been critical”

Lara Anderson


If you’re like our clients, you’re busy delivering your best, working hard – but competing against people who are delivering sub-standard work who are winning the clients. That’s not fair. We understand that doing regular brand-building activities consistently and effectively can be a challenge; it’s time-consuming and can be overwhelming. That’s why knowing where to start, or what’s missing in your activity plan is important, so you can spend time where it’s needed most.

The Big Picture Brand Plan – is based on three decades of brand strategy, and design experience working with . We have combined our gift for ‘High Level Thinking’ with our ‘love of design’ and ability to ‘Bring things together’ to develop a unique ‘Big Picture Approach’ to building a brand.

It encompasses the three essential levels of building a strong and unique brand. Development, Design and Delivery. You can’t have one without the other – and that’s where people struggle.

A Brand Plan gives you a solid platform to make the key decisions for you business with confidence.


Road map for the future


How you will get there


Your guiding light


Defined Service Solution


Unique Brand Attributes


Ideal Customer Persona


Connect with your client


Your unique difference


What you reliably deliver


Blueprint for the future

Start building your brand – follow the Brand Plan here

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